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seriously.hooked.up is a community craft collective that brings people together who share a passion for yarn and fibre crafts. We run a number of weekly and fortnightly social sessions across Lancashire.


Our socials are open to anyone who has a passion for crochet, knitting, weaving, spinning (or any other yarn or fibre based craft) and also those wishing to learn or improve! All abilities are welcome.


Entry to our sessions currently costs £5 per two hour session. This fee is to help cover the cost of the venue hire and includes, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits and as much knowledge and inspiration as you can absorb.


seriously.hooked.up is a non profit organisation, so any money left over goes back into making our sessions and workshops better. If you wish to learn about a specific skill or technique it is best to let us know in advance so we can prepare and bring the necessary equipment, but do bear in mind that we will be running our social session at the same time, so it’s best to bring something else with you to work on in case we can't free up our time. That said, there are many very experienced knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and more at all of our sessions who would be willing to assist with any yarn & fibre craft queries if we're otherwise occupied.


Examples of equipment we can bring to our sessions includes knitting equipment, crochet equipment, spinning wheels, rigid heddle looms, fleece preparation equipment such as drum carders and wool pickers. We don't bring all equipment to all sessions, so if you think you'd like to use something, please let us know a day or two in advance so we can be prepared.

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