💛🖤🐝💛🖤 BEE PART OF THE HIVE! 💛🖤🐝💛🖤


We are so excited to announce our involvement in our local charity Park View 4U's amazing new #pollencounts project in association with Grow Wild UK.


The project aims to highlight the importance of bees and wildflowers on our ecosystem whilst equipping children and adults with the knowledge to help protect the bees' future.

Part of the project (and this is where we come in) is to set a world record for the largest swarm of woollen bees! We're looking for crocheted, knitted and pom pom bees from all around the world!

If you want to make a bee (or bees - you can make as many as you like!) all we ask is that you use traditionally recognisable bee shades (yellow, black, orange, brown, white) we know that there are some incredibly colourful bees out there in nature, but for this project we're sticking with a bumble bee / honey bee theme.

We have created a free crochet bee pattern which can be found here however any crocheted, knitted or pom pom bees will be accepted, so if you have a go to pattern please use that and feel free to share it to our facebook page www.facebook.com/srslyhkdup

We want to reach as many people as possible, so if you could hashtag your bee photos on facebook, instagram and twitter with #pollencounts we'll be able to find and share them! When you send your bees we'd be grateful if you would include a little note with your name and location so that we can see how far our bees have travelled!


Once we have received the bees, approximately 300 - 500 of them will be hidden within a 3 mile radius of Park view (this represents how far the bees will fly from the hive on their search for food and pollen.) Then on the 6th of April Park View 4U are running a special day called Bee Wild Day, during which people will be asked to find the bees and bring them back to the hive in exchange for a pack of wild flower seeds from Grow Wild UK. Those who find the bees are invited to keep them, however they will be asked to return with their bees on May 13th for Park View 4U's Wood Festival where they will be counted in the world record attempt! Many people are asking what will happen to the bees once the record attempt is over, this has proved a little difficult to figure out as we expected this project to be a small local project, however it seems to have gathered it's own momentum and gone national! We REALLY weren't expecting this. So here are a few ideas that are being discussed. Some of the bees may be sold or auctioned to raise money for the upkeep of the hives and wildflowers at Park View 4U (which is a registered charity relying on public donations). There is also talk of them being involved in another bee themed project in Manchester. I personally would like to see some of them going on tour and raising awareness of the bees' plight around the country. One thing is for sure, we will be putting your little bees to work once their record attempt is over! Hope this answers some of your questions.

Alternatively if you would like to donate your left over yellow or black yarns these would also be very welcome as local schools and residential homes are taking part too so any donated materials will go to keeping costs down!

If you'd like to help, please send completed bees or donated materials before the end of April to:

Park View 4U,

Park View Road,



United Kingdom,


And thanks so much!

If you require any further information, please get in touch at anthony@seriouslyhookedup.com