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Welcome to seriously.hooked.up!

Welcome firstly to the website and secondly to the seriously.hooked.up blog! Here I hope to post about all things crochet / business related with maybe the odd topical or seasonal post thrown in for good measure too. I will hopefully be posting about our twice monthly Stitch & Bitch gatherings and the slightly less frequent Knit & Natter get togethers. I hope to introduce you to some of my friends and other important people as we go along.

I'll be looking to publish guest posts from time to time, so if you would like to put a post forward please get in touch via the contact tab, and write GUEST BLOG in the subject field. A guest post does not necessarily have to be crochet related, but a post about your hobby, craft or passion would definitely be a start as the people visiting the site tend to be crafters or lovers of handmade or artisan wares.

It may be a nice idea for me to answer any questions you may have about seriously.hooked.up in my next blog post. Please add your question to the comments below or get in touch via the contact tab and write BLOG Q&A in the subject field.

I am so looking forward to hearing from you all (although I won't expect a rush!)

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