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Angela’s Amigurumi Makes...August to December

This year I decided to make my 2 nieces and 6 nephews some amigurumi makes for Christmas inspired by the Scheepjes Tuva kits Anthony ordered in. The first kit I made that got me hooked was the Lucy the lamb pack to be displayed on the shop at our Seriously hooked up sessions.

Then I was excited to try a monkey for me. At which point I decided that Christmas this year was going to include a toy each!

I took a short break from them after making Ethan’s fox back in August and designed my own strawberry 🍓

Then back on with the kids makes.

Boris the bear followed the crocodile and a fun photo shoot with Anthony taking the best photo of my make In the garden at his house.

The collection began to grow.

Next up was a cow for Mia.

Closely followed by a very cute squirre.

A donkey Otis was next started at Keldy forest , whilst we were on holiday for the weekend.

He was very quickly joined by a narwhal ready to go to Lincolnshire with my sister rather than sending them via post.

Finally on the agenda for the children was a lion for my youngest nephew.

I then set about making a Winston. My best friends cat. As a gift for Anthony and Paul. Winston is very cute, very quick and sometimes a bit mischievous. He is also tiny.

Hopefully to be finished early in the new year, currently making a Floyd who is a bit lighter in colour than his normal self.


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