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Black sheep wools treat!

We had a very warm welcome for our group on Thursday! (21st February 2019)

A group of 10 of us from our crochet, knitting and yarn social groups went to visit Black sheep wools. Everyone enjoyed the day very much.

Just a short trek down the busy motorway in Warrington. It was definitely a trip not to be missed!

We were so excited at the chance to stock up on some yarn treats that we don't normally have the opportunity to purchase in our local area.

It was our lucky day as we were able to look at the amazing new yarn from Scheepjes the Whirligigs and whirlygigettes!

Anthony and I both decided to treat ourselves to one each! We can't wait to use them. We even got the pattern for the shawl with it. Both of us are thrilled with our alpaca and virgin woolly whirls. Photographed here at our Lytham session last night for everyone to see. Mine is the blue to sapphire one on the right Anthony‘s is on the left in shade green to purple .

They have some super yarn displays and I was able to see what my Grinda Mal shawl should look like if I ever finish it. It has been laid aside for Sophie's Universe currently. Having seen these it is a reminder of how beautiful it is and that I must finish it soon.

I had a bit of a shopping list as I had bought a book at Yarndale full of butterflies and wanted to buy some Catona Scheepjes yarn for a couple of those from my Christmas money and I also wanted some for some very cute otters.

It was amazing to see such a lovely collection of Janie Crow makes just by the door. Absolutely stunning.

I love looking at how the yarn works up in the patterns. It’s so inspiring!

Black sheep Wools hospitality was exceptional and the refreshments were lovely giving us time to think about our purchases and enjoy a relaxing sit down and natter with a nice brew and a biscuit.

Paul took this lovely photo of us all enjoying our brew and biscuit in the craft room.

After our purchases we headed off for a lovely lunch at The Plough at Croft. Also worth a visit. If you’re nearby a delicious lunch was enjoyed by all.

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed our visit and we will be returning as soon as we’ve saved some more pennies for more yarn!


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