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Inspired to try - our first MAL!

This is our first joint blog. Angela and Anthony are both joining in with the Grinda Shawl MAL by Lilla Björn Crochet. We'll update the post as we go along and hopefully will finish with two completed shawls!!

If you wish to join the Grinda MAL click here to be directed to Lilla Björn's page.


Angela: Started the Grinda shawl MAL - Part 1 by Lilla Björn today, Anthony had started his in his dandelion munchies and matching whirlette and inspired me last week to give it a try. It took a few bits of frogging and a bit of advice from my best friend but I have the first part completed in Mid Morning Mocharoo. Looking forward to seeing the next part of them both!

Angela's version of the Grinda Shawl MAL written by Lilla Björn in Mid Morning Mocharoo

Anthony: I bought these whirls during my first visit to Black Sheep Wools earlier this year.

I had been wondering what to make with them and when I saw the Grind MAL it just struck a chord and so I made a start. Here is my part one...

Anthony's version of the Grinda Shawl MAL by Lilla Björn using Scheepjes Whirlette in Banana and Liquorice and Scheepjes Whirl in Dandelion Munchies


Anthony: I decided to make a start on part 2 of the Grinda Shawl MAL as soon as the pattern was released. Fortunately I was on a day off from work and managed to get it done! I decided to swap from the Banana Whirlette to the Dandelion Munchies Whirl about halfway through part 2. There is a definite shade difference between the yellows, but I'm happy with it nonetheless.

Anthony's Grinda Shawl MAL part 2 completed

Angela: I began my part 2 after our Lytham session last week thinking that if I didn’t get going with it I would be very much behind after our holidays.

Friday morning progress picture on row 22

I set about completing my part 2 on Sunday evening after work. Just love the subtle colour change coming in on the Midmorning Mocharoo. I must confess I thought I was going to be up later than planned finishing it. An odd cuss and frog occurred! So pleased to be finished though.

Halfway through part 3 update photo getting to the tricky part for me...

Due to our little round Europe tour holiday of Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Italy part 3 got a little behind schedule and took a spot of frogging around row 44, but as the saying goes ’If at first you don‘t succeed try, try again!’ So here is my progress on completing part 3...

So thrilled with this! Have a few tight schedule projects but can’t wait to get on to the hearts part next in part 4! Very much looking forward to the blue emerging in the yarn.


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