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March of Sophie into April, Otters and Bee Wild Day

It has suddenly got to April and I have realised I have neglected my blog in March. There has been lots of catch up on Sophie parts. Just finished part 17 this morning, ( 7th April) ready for my final part 18 this week! There just hasn't been enough hours in the day to squeeze in a blog recently.

My blanket with 2 rows of round 17 to go at Warton.

Taken at Warton yesterday with two rows to complete from round 17

My Ubuntu dragon has grown slightly in the body and have his limbs and wings now to make.

My first otter now has a body and ears. So excited about this cute little guy!

I have begun a knitted twiddle muff with very chunky yarn and size 9 knitting needles for one of our recent charity projects launched at our Poulton sessions which will go to help children eventually at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for their distraction boxes. Some of our group there have begun to make them as well.

My knitting is quite slow compared to my crochet. Need to add twiddle bits and a considerable amount more knitting to be done to get to 30 by 60 cm.

We had a visit from the local PCSO's at our Lytham group, so little knitted bears will also be made for them to give to children at times of trauma too. Lots of the group took patterns this week and yarn donated by Anthony to make them, so I can't wait to see some of these finished.

Plans are underway for our seriouslyhookedup part in the Out of the Woods festival at Lytham. Watch this space...

Looking forward to meeting a craft group in Darwen this week with Anthony and boosting their crochet skills.

Increased my skills at The bee Wild Day at Parkview4u on the 6th April with Diane from our Seriouslyhookedup Lytham group, making felted bees and showing a few children and parents how to create their own, whilst Anthony sold some of our world record bees from last year. Well I tried. I suppose it's great for anger issues but I definitely recommend a guard for your fingers as I imagine poking your fingers with the needle would hurt considerably instead of the felt. Thanks to Diane for teaching me some new skills too! Lovely to see our friend Deborah from the Warton group there making a felted bee. Sadly we had to leave a little early as we had our Warton group on at 2pm but it was lovely to catch up with them and see what they'd been making. We really enjoy our Warton group as it's a great opportunity to sit down and get some crochet and nattering done!

Next up a cushion to be knitted with hearts, fingers crossed 🤞. A Sophie stool to be covered, another otter, a woodland Scheepjes bear, a Layla La La butterfly 🦋 and some finishing off of some shawls from the abandoned Wip pile.


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