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Our Current Ongoing Charity Projects

Bobby Buddy Bears

After the recent break ins at Park View 4U the local Fylde PCSOs have been keeping a close eye on things and paying extra visits. They dropped in to make sure everything was ok on one of our Thursday evening sessions and told us they needed knitted bears. They explained that they are given to children at the scenes of crime or accidents as a distraction aid from the trauma or to help them to talk in times of distress. Our attendees at the Lytham and Poulton-le-Fylde groups have been absolutely amazing, giving up their time and making and donating bears With yarn Anthony very kindly donated to the project.

Our local Fylde Police PCSO’s dropped in and collected their first batch of Bobby Buddy Bears! They were very pleased with them!

And they just keep rolling in!!

Thank you to everyone for your continued efforts and donations to this project! We would welcome donations of yellow, blue, black, brown and grey double knitting yarn. Anyone who wants to make a bear, please get in touch.

Twiddle Muffs

During March a paediatric nurse named Claire saw a post on Facebook advertising our knitting and crochet social in Poulton Le Fylde. She had been looking for volunteers with the skills and time to make twiddle muffs, that are much needed on the children’s and adolescent ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Claire explained that currently there are many young people coming into the ward with mental health problems. The staff have been creating distraction boxes for them to help with low mood and to try to prevent self harm. One of the things in the boxes they use are twiddle muffs, unfortunately however none of them are able to knit! The children take these items home with them if they’ve found them useful during their stay, which means they soon run out! The children use the twiddle muff to fidget with and keep their hands busy, particularly whilst they are having to open up and talk about their problems. So Claire asked if anyone at our groups would be interested in making twiddle muffs? The pattern outline was to create a knitted or crocheted, textured rectangle 30cm by 60 cm and to add things inside and out that could be used as a distraction aid. The final stage involves folding and sewing the rectangle over into a muff.

My attempt- not a seasoned knitter so it took me a while 😂

At our next Poulton-le-Fylde session I explained what Claire had asked for and Anthony posted about it on our group Facebook page too, so that anyone who attends our groups could get involved. And yet again Anthony had a rummage in his yarn stash and donated a box of yarn for the project. The first batch of about 11 are being collected by Claire soon at our Poulton-le-Fylde session. The generous and talented ladies at our Poulton-le-Fylde group rose to the challenge and have made these superb twiddle muffs for children who access mental health services at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Some of our Lytham group have made and donated twiddle muffs too!


Thanks to all who continually help and support us with these projects and to those who donated yarn towards our charity initiatives. If anyone would like to get involved by either donating chunky yarns and "twiddles" for twiddle muffs (any colour or style will do), or yellow, brown, blue, black and grey double knitting yarn for Bobby buddy bears, or would like to volunteer their time and skills to make one or the other (or both!), please contact me or Anthony through the facebook page or website or on my email address below..

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