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Sharing skills and swarms

Last night was Kirkham‘s crochet, knitting and yarn social. The group was well attended. The lovely people had been very busy since last session and we had a new swarm of bees made or being made towards #Pollencounts at #parkview4u.

I had the chance to help Kerry make a fluffy soft pom pom for her knitted Easter bunny and then share my C2C skills with Melanie.

I can’t wait to see Melanie’s C2C blanket. She definately mastered the square last night. Hers is the yellow one pictured above.

I always enjoy our groups, its great to catch up with how creative eveeryone has been.

Here is a selection of bees being made or that had been started last night:

Top left made by Melanie, top right Debbie, middle left swarm by Kerry B, Debbie’s with a wing added, Tracey’s crocheted bees bottom left and Christine’s flat bees ready to be stuffed.June had also made some lovely bright bees and has taken them home to be finished off.

I managed to add a tiny bit more to my amigurumi dog. Made from one of the Stylecraft patterns we sell. He now has one arm and 3 paws. Looking forward to getting him finished this week!


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