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Ubuntu unwrapped...

Feeling very excited for the Ubuntu CAL to start. Couldn’t wait to open it when it arrived the other week! Just about contained my excitement until Anthony arrived back from an errand, then carefully undid the box sliding the cover off.

I opened the box to find the most beautifully presented card giving details behind the Ubuntu and the gorgeous shrug patterns in English and Dutch.

Intrigued by the little weaving bracelet kit I Investigated inside the little long box. Looking forward to seeing how that works. Love the extra little detail such as the sweet leather label and stitch markers.

Then was literally drooling over the stone washed yarn in those gorgeous colours.

Cannot wait to get started. It will be great as Anthony and Melanie are making them at the same time so we can help each other out if we get stuck. Will be adding my week by week progress here. This week I will be looking to download the helpful hints and tricks released on Wednesday September the 5th over on the Scheepjes international facebook page.

Week 1

I started with my favourite colour turquoise from the selection. An odd bit of frogging was required but did alright until round 7 for which I found the video on Youtube invaluable.

I then decided I would begin each colour up untill round 4.

I added to them over the weekend and finally completed them the night before the new part came out. Tight schedule as work kind of got in the way! 😂

Ready for part 2...


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