We REALLY value Your Feedback!
This weekend was very much about seeing what was possible and testing the water for a regular knitting and crochet getaway. WE KNOW that there is room for improvement, so please give us as much detail as you can, your feedback will help us to shape future events.

Overall, how would you rate the weekend?

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How would you rate the accommodation and facilities at the Tranquil Otter?

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Now we're going to ask about how WE did...

How would you rate the gift bags and yarn included during the weekend?

Gift bags & yarnPretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeGift bags & yarn

How would you rate the breakfasts we served during the weekend?

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How would you rate the evening meal on Friday (pasta)?

Friday (pasta)Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeFriday (pasta)

How would you rate the evening meal on Sunday (chilli/curry)?

Sunday (chilli/curry)Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomeSunday (chilli/curry)

How would you rate the visit to Superior Sewing Machines?

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How would you rate the meal at Ristorante Adriano?

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