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Bee Wild was Swarming with Pom Pom Makers

Yesterday I went along with Anthony to help make pom pom bees with the children at the Parkview 4U's 'Bee Wild Day' to launch the #pollenCounts campaign. We filled our boxes with yarn, Pom Pom makers of various sizes, scissors, donned our 'Seriously Hooked Up' tops and headed for the Eco pod.

Activities listed at the event

We set up just before 10 with a due scheduled break at 12.30 until 1.30.

It was amazing, we never anticipated it being so popular! All day right from 10am we had a constant swarm of excited bee makers, it was so busy our scheduled break passed us by… We buzzed right through the day. Anthony was glad he brought his icord maker as we definitely needed it for some extra wings! Even some of the parents and grandparents wanted a go.

Children starting off their Pom Pom bees.

Adding wings.

One of the first of the day with wings.

Made just after 10. No time for many photos of the creations after this as we were so inundated with bee makers!

The only pause we had was a quick photo shoot for the paper. I spent some time throwing Lisa's Mr Bumble up and down for a photo and Anthony and Julie had theirs with all the 🐝 bees.

Julie and Anthony with all the bees.

It was a great day shame I had to rush off at the end of it all for work!


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