ONLINE TUTORIALS AREN'T EVERYTHING! Spend a little time with someone who can crochet. Learn the basics from them and THEN watch online tutorials to learn the more complicated stuff. I spent years (seriously, about 10 years!) trying to teach myself to crochet and gave up trying numerous times. I spent endless hours watching online tutorial videos, but frustratingly I still couldn’t pick it up. The videos moved so quickly and the terminology was completely foreign to me (we’ll come back to that later). Eventually I spent a little time with someone who could crochet and WITHIN FIVE MINUTES something clicked and I was away. GET COMFORTABLE! Find a comfortable way to hold your hook and your yarn.

About seriously.hooked.up (it's a long story)

First things first, I am probably not your stereotypical crocheter, this is me, I am a man. Now that that’s out of the way I’ll move on to the interesting stuff. I work full-time as a community based registered nurse, however this is not how I wish to spend the remainder of my working life. Most of us dream of spending our days doing what we love and most of us have very real barriers which prevent us from doing those things. I’m a firm believer that if you really want something then you need to get off your behind and do something about it. So I decided to start slowly removing the obstacles preventing me from living my ‘dream life’ back in November 2015 My ultimate aim is to be able to dev

Welcome to seriously.hooked.up!

Welcome firstly to the website and secondly to the seriously.hooked.up blog! Here I hope to post about all things crochet / business related with maybe the odd topical or seasonal post thrown in for good measure too. I will hopefully be posting about our twice monthly Stitch & Bitch gatherings and the slightly less frequent Knit & Natter get togethers. I hope to introduce you to some of my friends and other important people as we go along. I'll be looking to publish guest posts from time to time, so if you would like to put a post forward please get in touch via the contact tab, and write GUEST BLOG in the subject field. A guest post does not necessarily have to be crochet related, but a pos

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