Angela’s Amigurumi Makes...August to December

This year I decided to make my 2 nieces and 6 nephews some amigurumi makes for Christmas inspired by the Scheepjes Tuva kits Anthony ordered in. The first kit I made that got me hooked was the Lucy the lamb pack to be displayed on the shop at our Seriously hooked up sessions. Then I was excited to try a monkey for me. At which point I decided that Christmas this year was going to include a toy each! I took a short break from them after making Ethan’s fox back in August and designed my own strawberry 🍓 Then back on with the kids makes. Boris the bear followed the crocodile and a fun photo shoot with Anthony taking the best photo of my make In the garden at his house. The collection began to


You may be concerned that we are a quarter of the way through the year (It’s April 2nd as we’re writing this) or more depending on when you’re reading this post. However if instead of one row each day you do two you will catch up to everyone else by the end of June. If you do three rows each day you’ll have caught up by the middle of May. Finally if you work 4 rows a day for the next month you will have caught up by the end of April. (I’m not going to do any more maths, you get the idea). What is a temperature blanket? Some of you may have made temperature blankets before, but for those who haven't, here's a brief description. The main process of making a temperature blanket is to crochet or

Our 2019 in review!

When I start reviewing our calendars and social media posts I’m always surprised to realise just how much we have squeezed in to the previous 12 months! 2019 has definitely been the year of excursions for us! I’ll look at some of these events in this post and I’ll include some personal highlights too. You’ve all shared SO MANY absolutely stunning works in progress and completed projects this year, I’ll share some of our favourites later. Many of us started 2019 working on our first Sophie’s Universe blankets. Personally I think EVERY year should start with a Sophie’s Universe blanket! It’s an amazing pattern, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, follow this link for the free patt

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