The Bees are buzzing in...

We went off to our Lytham crochet, knitting and yarn social session at Parkview 4u on Thursday the 22nd March and saw the bees were just buzzing in! Already approximately 90 bees had been created and many more were being made at our crochet, knitting and yarn social! Can’t wait to see how the swarm has populated by next Thursday! Lisa and Anthony crocheting bees at our Poulton session and below more being made by our group at Lytham . Diane had a production line going bottom right! Melanie was also making lots at our Kirkham and Lytham socials this week. Astounded at the number of people supporting #pollencounts #parkview4u and sending in their bee creations from far and wide. Fingers cross


The seriously.hooked.up team is a small one and everyone does so much to keep the wheels turning! What's more, all of us do it in our spare time in addition to our very busy lives and none of us takes a wage. There are of course the odd perks for Anthony and Angela who are all self confessed yarn addicts, but Paul and Kerry really do volunteer their time out of the sheer goodness in their hearts. ANTHONY I’m Anthony and I created seriously.hooked.up. What started as 4 friends meeting every other Wednesday has become a network of people and a friendly craft community which takes up almost all of my spare time! I am so lucky to have such amazing friends who happily volunteer their time to make

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